New reporting suite for care homes aids better clinical decision-making 

Digital care planning software provider KareInn enables deeper insights, making digital care planning more accessible to senior leaders 

We’ve reported a lot recently on the way tech solutions can help in care settings. There’s the new Abbots Care app that helps monitor the mental and emotional well-being of staff, with a dramatic positive impact on retention. Or there’s the use of tech to share the reactions of people in social care to lockdown. Then there’s our interview with the team using the science of teddy bears to help people living with dementia. 

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The KareInn reporting suite is a tech solution that aims to support care homes make better clinical and business decisions about their residents’ needs. It offers three pre-populated dashboards that enable care home teams to create detailed reports, quickly and efficiently. These are: 

  • Summary Dashboard, presenting a broad range of information from insights on occupancy and pre-admissions to high-level data to assist with effective exceptions management  
  • Clinical Dashboard, providing clinical insights from wounds and pressure ulcers to clear signposting of those residents in need of attention, as well as widgets that track fluids and bowel movements  
  • Events Dashboard, focusing on accidents and incidents including falls to better understand trends, respond to situations and dig into issues that may underpin hazards and injuries  

Key to the system is the way data is presented, maximising the ease and speed with which users can gain invaluable insights. Each dashboard contains nine widgets designed to show data in the most appropriate and meaningful way. This means those working in care homes can quickly and easily understand exactly what is happening within the home in real time. Carers are then able to act accordingly to support residents, mitigate risk and demonstrate good governance.  

These new widgets and the many actionable insights they offer are also presented beside high-level reports that typically feature a supporting data table. By joining up these elements, KareInn offers a clearer picture than ever before of the situation at hand.  

Phil Brown, Chief Product Officer at KareInn, says: ‘Our new reporting suite consolidates information both at a home and group level, supporting clinical and business decisions on what residents need, and interventions that might be put into place. All data can now be easily surfaced in one location and negates the need to collate from multiple sources.  

‘Very few digital care planning providers have this capability built in. At KareInn, we are proud of our progressive nature and we continuously re-invest into research and development to evolve and improve our technology to help drive better care decisions and advance care outcomes. 

‘We’ve made a step change in terms of the depth and quality of information that is accessible by care homes through digital care planning. With these new features, we’re enabling the sector to harness the power of the insights available from one central resource to deliver outstanding care. We are thrilled to have removed the barrier of having to rely upon integrating with other, often costly, reporting tools to see the full picture of the care activity across a home or group. Our dashboards and reports are an intrinsic part of the KareInn platform, highlighting valuable, timely information to all staff as they support residents throughout the day.’ 

For more information, visit the KareInn site to request a demo.

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