Crown Commercial Service’s Digital & Legacy Application Services (DALAS) framework   

New DALAS from CSS will support the public sector to escape legacy tech and procure its application services through a multi-supplier, multi-year framework. 

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supports those in the public sector to get best value for money for the taxpayer when procuring common goods and services. In the year 2022-23, CCS helped the public sector achieve commercial benefits equal to £3.8bn. The new DALAS framework aims to ensure this principle applies in the procurement of new computer systems and tech, and in escaping the legacy of old systems.

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So-called ‘legacy technology’ is outdated systems, apps and tech that remain in use long after they should have been upgraded. Such old systems are often no longer fit for purpose, fail to meet the needs of services users or staff and end up wasting time and money. Within that context, the DALAS framework (RM6335) aims to help public bodies migrate away from such systems effectively and economically by providing access to approved expert suppliers. The framework is available to all central government departments and UK public sector bodies, including devolved administrations, local authorities and health, education, police and fire and rescue departments. It aims to increase agility, reduce risk and provide more cost effective and innovative services to users in line with government digital strategy. 

Benefits of the framework include: suppliers being encouraged to offer more competitive prices, quality and innovation; quicker procurements enabling reduced timescales; a range of pricing models allowing flexible call-off contracts; fewer suppliers on each lot reducing the resource needed for evaluations; and, increased strategy alignment strengthening commitment and collaboration among buyers and suppliers. 

To date, 23 approved suppliers are involved in the initiative, divided into four ‘lots’. For example, Made Tech – which provides digital, data and tech services to the public sector – is one of 11 providers named in Lot 2b (Digital, Integration and Programme Application Services). Key services in this Lot include user-centred design, integration of the software lifecycle from application development through to release and IT Ops, and rapid forms creation and deployment.   

Ian Southward, Chief Commercial Officer at Made Tech, says: ‘With a track record of delivering highly technical services that help the public sector move away from outdated legacy technology and meet user needs, we’ve proven our capability in this fast moving and dynamic marketplace. 

‘We’re delighted to have been named as a supplier on the DALAS framework and welcome the opportunity to continue working with HMRC and other public sector bodies to help them transform the way they deliver IT application services and utilise technology more effectively. The DALAS framework is perfectly aligned with who we are and what we do as an organisation. Our goal is to help the public sector deliver world-class digital, data and technology services that improve society – for everyone.’ 

DALAS is set to run until July 26, 2027. 

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