Manchester to pilot UK’s first peer-to-peer electric vehicle sharing platform

Drivers can earn thousands of pounds per year by loaning out their EV in innovative share scheme likened to Airbnb. 

Data suggests that our cars sit idle for at least 95% of the time, not least because more of us working from home. We know that car share schemes can save us money and reduce our impact on the environment. A car share scheme for electric vehicles is therefore good news for both owners and those who need a vehicle for just a limited time.

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Cheshire-based Zoom EV is to pilot an EV car share scheme in Manchester. Owners register for free to add an electric or plug-in hybrid car to the system, with photos, availability and set prices. 

The owner of an EV could earn more than £250 per month by loaning out their vehicle just twice a week for two or three hours at a time. That’s £3,000 per year. 

Those wanting to borrow an EV using the system must register with their driving licence. They can then search the online map for an available vehicle nearby and book time slots.  

Owners can accept or reject bookings. If they accept, they then agree a time to meet the borrower and hand over keys. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? 

Of course, things can sometimes go wrong but comprehensive insurance for the scheme is provided by Churchill Expert – part of UKI Group, which owns Direct Line Group and Churchill. Zoom EV also issues cleaning standards for both owners and borrowers, guidance for safely handing over keys and a flexible cancellation policy. 

The scheme is convenient because EVs can be collected from the owner’s home or off the street, with no need to trek out to car rental centres.  

Greg Fairbotham, Founder and CEO of Zoom EV says: ‘We have chosen Manchester to pilot our peer-to-peer platform, as this eco-conscious city has a huge appetite for electric vehicles. The number of EVs in Manchester increased by more than 50% last year, so there is clearly plenty of demand and lots of vehicles to go around. 

‘Manchester is also bustling with hundreds of charging points, making it a great place to drive an EV. EVs are here to stay. With the government’s ambitious net-zero target to phase out petrol and diesel cars looming ever closer, we can expect more and more drivers to pick the planet and choose an EV for their driving needs over the coming years. 

‘Whether it be a short trip or a long-term visit many miles away, Zoom EV can facilitate every journey. People listing their cars can turn them into cash generators rather than having a depreciating asset sitting stationary on the driveway. It’s a win, win, win for the owner, the user and for the planet.’ 

For more, see ‘List your EV’ or ‘Share an EV’ at the Zoom EV website.

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