Gift of a night out in Chichester by card

Gift card scheme creates a local currency to support the evening and night-time economy 

Here’s a simple idea to support the local economy: a gift card that can only be spent after 5 pm. The card can be used in Chichester Cinema, bars, hotels, pubs, restaurants and salons. The cards make a great present and support the city’s business community.

Young man holding an Alive After Five gift card in Chichester

There’s a physical version of the Alive After Five gift cards while digital e-cards can be given to a recipient directly via text or email. Chichester already has a successful gift card scheme running; this new addition means givers can be more specific about the kind of gift they’re giving and support a more specific part of the local economy. 

The scheme has been delivered financial tech company Miconex, based in Perth, where gift card scheme has been running since 2015. The company has developed similar schemes in towns and cities across the UK include Chester, Enniskillen and Kirkwall. The company describes the cards as enabling communities to ‘create their own local currencies using the Mastercard network.’ 

Each scheme is run by local organisations. In the case of Chichester, that’s the local business improvement district. Elsewhere, it might be the local authority of a destination management company. 

Helen Marshall, CEO and Chair of Chichester BID, says: ‘The night-time economy in Chichester is diverse and exciting. Live music events, fascinating film talks, special Super Clubs, after-work wellbeing retreats, twilight cathedral tours as well as regular quiz and karaoke nights – our wonderful pubs, restaurants, bars, salons, spas and independent cinema have so much to offer. 

‘It is time for us to celebrate our after 5pm businesses in Chichester through our new Alive After Five Gift Card, showcasing our offering to locals and visitors alike and presenting the Chichester evening experience through one easy to use gift card.’ 

Walter Francisco, Cinema Director & Programmer at Chichester Cinema at New Park, adds: ‘As an independently run cinema, a charity and a non-profit organisation, our focus at the Chichester Cinema is showing quality films that deserve to be seen. We’re proud to be a part of the Alive After Five Gift Card, representing the cinematic arts and contributing to the vibrancy of Chichester. 

‘I think the Alive After Five Gift Card will encourage locals to discover new businesses, as well as encouraging those from out of the area to experience Chichester for the first time. Chichester’s art and cultural scene is on a positive trajectory and the gift card supports that.’ 

Mei Xue, Co-owner of the Phoenix Dining restaurant, says: ‘Phoenix Dining has been open in Chichester for over two years now. My husband and I created the menu together, offering a different take on both Chinese and Nepalese food, presented in a unique way, such as our Chinese hot pots. People are looking for a whole night out experience and will join us for our three-course pre-theatre menu before an evening at the theatre. The Alive After Five Gift Card is a good idea because it offers that entire night out, with food, drink and entertainment in one gift card. The night-time economy has been hit hard over recent years and the gift card is a very welcome boost for businesses.’ 

Colin Munro, Managaing Director of Miconex, adds: ‘2022 saw a boost in demand for gift cards purchased for leisure activities such as travel, theatre, entertainment and eating out, with over 17% of monthly gift card purchasers buying this type of card.  

‘Chichester’s Alive After Five Gift Card is a means for Chichester to leverage the technology in their existing Chichester Gift Card with a product specifically designed to capture this leisure spending and support a range of evening economy businesses. 

‘In the current cost of living crisis, gift card and voucher association research also suggests that when gifting a leisure activity, gifters often feel compelled to cover the full cost of the activity. The Alive After Five Gift Card is a means for gifters to give an exciting, appreciated night out in Chichester, within the confines of their budget.’ 

Photo courtesy of Chichester BID.


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