Claims new AI tech could alleviate NHS staffing crisis

A new Artificial Intelligence service that monitors staff to identify employees that may be likely to hand in their notice could be used to alleviate the NHS staffing crisis according to social care provider Cera. 

The technology, which monitors a vast amount of employee information including shift patterns, managerial relationships, issues with pay, utilisation rates and the availability of development opportunities, aims to prevent 15% of potential leavers from heading elsewhere.

CEO and Co-Founder of Cera Dr Ben Maruthappu said: ‘Retaining those currently in the sector is often overlooked, as priorities remain to attract new staff. 

‘Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help predict staff turnover will allow healthcare teams to spend more time doing what they do best – care – resulting in a better experience for patients.’ 

Use of AI technology to monitor employee information and behaviour saw a large boost over the pandemic as companies sought to maintain control whilst many staff worked from home. 

The controversial technology has continued to expand across many sectors with its use being adapted in a variety of ways despite a group of MPs and peers calling for greater legislation on the issues in 2021. 

Cera, which is launching the technology this month in a number of locations around the UK including Scotland, the East and North East of England, Essex and London, says that reducing staffing turnover will lead to greater care as ‘evidence suggests that better continuity of care results in lower hospitalisation rates.’ 

It is predicted that the technology could reduce the number of care workers leaving the NHS by 50,000 a year by allowing management to make changes to working practices with an aim of addressing factors where workers may not be satisfied. 

Cera is described as Europe’s ‘largest provider of digital-first home healthcare’ and has previously worked with the NHS on a variety of projects including 30 million at-home appointments. 

Healthcare has seen a range of technological advancements in recent years as companies seek to address various crisis facing the NHS, including the launch of a ‘helper bot’ at a Milton Keynes University Hospital which is being used to transport medicine between departments.

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