New E-Cargo bikes for Barnsley attractions

Barnsley’s goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 has come closer after the introduction of electric bikes for staff at three visitor attractions in the town.

Six E-Cargo bikes have been given to the staff at Worsborough Mill and Country Park, Elescar Heritage Centre and Cannon Hall as part of a push to reduce the town’s carbon footprint. 

The bikes will aid in work completed by staff including emptying litter bins, moving heavy items, and distributing deliveries. 

Cabinet spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture, Cllr Robert Frost, said: ‘We have committed to reducing our carbon emissions as a council to net-zero by 2040, and sooner if we can. Every journey taken without the use of a petrol or diesel engine is a step towards that target.’ 

He added: ‘These new E-Cargo Bikes funded by the Energy Saving Trust are just one of many ways in which we’re reducing our use of fossil fuels and working towards a more sustainable Barnsley.’

The bikes have been funded by a £35,000 grant from the Energy Saving Trust and are charged using electrical sockets powered by the council’s renewable energy tariff. 

E-Cargo bikes are often used by retailers as part of the ‘last mile delivery’ when bringing products to consumers. They include an electric motor and large container to transport bigger items without needing to load a motor vehicle such as a van. 

In 2020, Barnsley Council set out its first Sustainable Energy Action Plan which set out a path towards the net-zero target. Targets set out in the plan included a 65% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025, compared with 2017 levels. 

Work on the target included the ‘Net Zero Accelerator’ project this year which aided businesses in the area with creating a plan to reduce their carbon footprint, including workshops and one-to-one coaching. 

Sustainably powered transport has been the focus for many councils attempting to reach net-zero with Coventry recently making steps to move towards an all-electric bus fleet. 

Photo: Barnsley Council


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